Brian Hodgson Certified ROLF METHOD Practitioner London Ontario


"Brian, thank you for working on me!
You are a true credit to your profession."

My staff and friends have noticed a significant improvement in my body alignment and structure. I feel 200% better than when I first started working with you.

My highest recommendation!!

Allan Komenda,
President of Starmail

"I have been a regular client of Brian’s for
over seven years for several reasons."
Sheri Fraser Sheri Fraser crossing the Finish line at the Florida Triathlon.

As a former professional triathlete, training long and hard hours, self inflicted abuse is part of the training regime. Proactive care is essential to remain healthy, stave off injury and perform at your best. Being able to continue in this sport for over 24 years now, I have made massage/rolfing a regular part of my routine.

Also, I recently retired after 12 years as a sport massage therapist. I have referred my athletes and my two children to Brian and I know they are all pleased with his work. He has a broad understanding of fascial and muscle imbalances, strengths, weakness, gait imbalances and is great with getting into those tight core muscles that are usually the root of the problems.

Sheri Fraser

"I feel better about myself and can go back
to doing normal everyday things."

I am a 32-year-old active male. On December 2, 2005 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident while on the job. It was a serious accident but I thought that I had healed up normally.

Over time I started to develop restricted movement while playing sports or just working out. After a while I started getting shortness of breath. So I went to a chiropractor. It seemed to work for a short period but I found myself falling back to the way I was. I was going quite often to see the chiropractor but I wasn't getting any better.

I was referred to a physiotherapist that said I needed to do some spine strengthening exercises. I tried that for a while but it did not help. I heard about Rolfing and was very interested. So I gave Brian a call and made an appointment.

After I started seeing Brian my life started to change. After a few sessions my body started to loosen up. I felt great. I was no longer getting heel pain in the mornings any more. I started back into sports not feeling all twisted up after I was done playing them. Since then I have finished all 10 sessions of rolfing. I have not seen a chiropractor since. It has been 4 months. The longest I have gone without seeing one. My body has just kind of fallen back into place itself.

During the time of rolfing I had an EMG done. It was determined at one time I pinched a nerve in my L4. After my sessions I have since had a CT scan done. The result came back fine. Because of chronic muscle tightness this is why my nerve was pinched. And since my rolfing has been completed I feel better about myself and can go back to doing the normal everyday things I was used to doing without having to worry about any pain or tightness.

Without Brian I don’t know what I would be doing! Thanks Brian.

Scott Armstrong